Acsoo Gala of May 2014



CASOO goes out every year in the second or third week of February with its members and their children to celebrate Cameroon Youth Day as well as Ontario Family Day. As a reminder, the festival of youth takes place on February 11 in Cameroon. It marks the importance and the rights of young people in the country. In preparation for this event, many activities (Dances, Exhibition of Folk Cultures, theater, competitions, games and other sporting activities) are organized in high schools, university campuses, within associations and in various towns and districts of Cameroon in order to to allow the development and celebration of Youth. It is also a day marked by administrative parades from different schools. On the other hand,

This day was established on October 12, 2007 by former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty under the Employment Standards Act 2000 (ESA). “There is nothing more precious for families than spending time together. And it seems to be more difficult than ever, due to our busy lives ”,

Dalton McGuinty. Family Day allows workers and families in Ontario to enjoy one long statutory holiday weekend each year.

In addition, the ACSOO family can benefit from this day in several ways:

– taking time to sit with the children to watch

old photos and remembering forgotten memories;

– asking their parents questions about an aunt or uncle they loved

so much and ask them what they liked about them;

– draw up a family tree, tell the story of their ancestors, unfold a

map of Cameroon or the world and talk about the origins of their family;

– walk around the city to discover it as well as its buildings and


– turn off the TV and the computer and imagine what it was like when there was none or create their own activities “without electricity”.

On February 15, 2015, ACSOO made an outing to “adventure bay” in Windsor to celebrate Cameroon Youth Day and also at the same time celebrate Family Day in Canada in order to further consolidate ties in the association between children and members through a fun day in the water. Indeed, the ACSOO family in connection with the festival of youth and the celebration of the family obviously makes it possible to instill each year in its members and their children the importance of these festivals.