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Épelle – moi 2nd EDITION

EDITION OF May 14, 2016

General informations :

This competition is organized for students from grades 1 to 8 attending French language schools in the Southwestern Ontario region.

It will take place in 3 phases: eliminatory, semi-final and final

A list of words will be provided to applicants in advance (mid-April).

A draw will be made by the organizing committee of the competition in order to rank the candidates according to the order of passage for the eliminatory phase.

The candidate must spell the word successfully to proceed to the next step.

Round 1: Elimination phase by school level


The members of the jury ask the pupils in turn to spell a word from the list of words for the first round.

After the stopwatch starts, the participant says the word clearly and spells it out.

The candidate may request that the word be put in a context. In this case he must do so before he starts to spell the word.

The candidate will have a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 20 seconds to spell the word.

If after 20 seconds the candidate has not started to spell, the candidate will be discarded and the next candidate will be given the word.

If the candidate has started to spell the word but has not finished when the 20 seconds are up, the candidate will be sidelined and the word will be given to the next one. candidate to spell.

If the candidate spells a homophone correctly, they are told it is a homophone and asked to spell it again. The jury puts the word in a context so that it is clearer for the candidate.

The participant has the right to stop in the middle of the spelling of a word if he or she hesitates, he or she can resume the spelling as long as it is done within the allotted 20s.

All candidates who have not passed this 1st transition phase will have a second chance, namely the 2nd transition phase.

At the end of the 2nd phase of passage, the candidate who has not succeeded in spelling the word will be eliminated and those who have passed the 2nd phase of passage will join those who have passed the 1st phase of passage. The candidate (s) who have used them 2 e luck during this phase (even if they were successful) will not have another chance and will be removed (e) if he does not spell well all Another word during this stage. The process will continue like this until we get the five candidates for the semi-final.

At the end of the elimination phase, five candidates per school level will be selected for the semi-final.

Round 2: Semi-final


During the semi-final, we proceed level by level.

Words already used in the first round will no longer be used.

The running order of the candidates for this stage is drawn by lot immediately by the checking jury.

The spelling rules for this phase are as follows:

  • The candidate has only one chance to spell the word correctly. Entrants will be disqualified from the competition at the first spelling error.

At the end of the process, 3 candidates per grade level will be qualified to participate in the final.

Round 3: Final 


During this final, we will proceed level by level.

The order of performance of the candidates for this stage is drawn.

The judge reads the word in the context aloud and repeats the word to be spelled.

The spelling rules are the same as for the semi-final.

The candidate who makes the first spelling error is ranked 3rd and no longer continues the final. The final then continues with the other two finalists.

If two candidates make a spelling error, the finalist who has successfully spelled it is ranked 1st and another round (or more) is organized to decide between these two candidates.

NB The jury may use an unpublished list of words to decide between candidates in the three phases.

The accents acute accent é

This is an accent grave had
Circumflex accent ê, â, û, î, ô
Umlaut ï, ë, ü
Hyphen – Grand  father
VS C cedilla
oe glued or e in o or oe linked or oe ligated. oe ex. beef