Acsoo Gala of May 2014



The purpose of this gala organized on May 17, 2014 is to celebrate Cameroon’s national day. Indeed, the National Day of Cameroon, also called the feast of unity, is celebrated every May 20, this date marks the birth of the United Republic of Cameroon and the end of the federalist system. In 1884, German colonization of Cameroon began after the signing of the July treaty between King Bell and Gustav Nachtigal. However, during World War I, Cameroon was conquered by Franco-British forces. Thus, in 1922 the country was divided into French (four fifths of the area) and English territories. In 1940 and during the Second World War, Cameroon rallied to Free France. With the end of the Second World War Cameroon was placed under UN trusteeship, but despite this it became in 1946, “An associated territory” of the French Union. French Cameroon was independent on January 1, 1960, while the British colony split in two following a self-determination referendum. The South allied with the Republic of Cameroon and the North chose to integrate Nigeria. Ahmadou Ahidjo was elected president of Cameroon in 1960, and John Ngu Foncha became vice-president. In 1961, during the unification of French Cameroon and British Cameroon, the country took the name of “Federal Republic of Cameroon”. Two stars were added to the flag of French Cameroon to symbolize the federation. On May 20, 1972, President Ahidjo called a referendum to end the federal system in effect until that time.

For us Cameroonians in Southwestern Ontario, this is an opportunity to present our culture (food, dance, information) to other communities. It is a multicultural event that unites ACSOO with other communities in the region.