Acsoo Gala of May 2014



In ACSOO, the education of our children is at the center of our activities and our commitment. Don’t we say that children are our future?

To materialize the preponderant place of children in ACSOO, the person in charge of social and educational affairs with the support of the members have set up a series of initiatives whose goal is to promote a sustained education, by allowing our children to ” acquire useful knowledge in various sectors of our society. To do this, our children are often entitled to practical educational activities. Also, they participate monthly in educational activities under the supervision of professional educators.

The first seminar on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). This seminar will be organized shortly and during which, the ACSOO children as well as those coming from other communities will be able to acquire knowledge on the internal components and the peripherals of the computer. They will also acquire knowledge about operating systems and the computer network. These topics will be punctuated with practical exercises. Children who attend this seminar will receive certificates of participation.

The second seminar will be entitled “How to be smart with money” and will take place in the very near future. The goal will be to:

  • To allow children to understand the whole system that surrounds the circulation of money.
  • Explain the use of money in a simple and clear manner.
  • To introduce children to the managerial spirit through themes such as credit, debt, interest rates and bankruptcy.
  • To instill in children a positive attitude towards money and a constant propensity for prosperity.

At the end of the seminar all the children who have participated will each receive a certificate of participation.

To introduce children to research and leadership, the person in charge of social and educational affairs will organize the following activities with our children:

  • Preparation and presentation of themes in various sectors
  • Development of social and cultural identity
  • Creation of an ACSOO children’s forum and blog, animated and maintained by the children.

The education of children within ACSOO occupies a central place. At our monthly meetings and under the supervision of the social affairs manager, our children learn and develop their skills through our leadership activities. This allows them to prepare themes that they present during the “KIDS TIME” monthly meetings.

At ACSOO, we are proud of our children !!!