Who are we?

About Us


About Us

ACSOO is a non-profit association, created by Cameroonian nationals residing in the Southwestern Ontario region in 2009.

This is open not only to all Cameroonians in the Southwestern region of Ontario, but also to all those who are motivated by the desire to contribute in forms as diverse as practice or simple support for development. of any activity of the Association.

ACSOO’s mission is to bring together and represent the Cameroonian community. The members assist each other on all levels in order to strengthen and consolidate the links between them.

As part of this mission, ACSOO pursues the following objectives:

  1. a) Promote meetings, cohesion, mutual aid, respect and solidarity between members;
  2. b) Defend and promote the individual and collective interests of the Cameroonian community in southwestern Ontario;
  3. c) Inform its members about the existing resources in order to promote their social, cultural and economic integration into Ontario and Canadian society;
  4. d) Provide its members with services of any kind related to its mission;
  5. e) Seek the development of its members in various ways: Educational, sporting and cultural activities
  6. f) Welcome new Cameroonians who arrive in the region and encourage them to become members of the association, then make them aware of the difficulties they may encounter
  7. g) Promote Cameroonian culture and exchange with other culture
Together we can form a beautiful community in our region of Southwestern Ontario …….